The Story Behind the Story Behind the Other Story

Last week our local paper printed a story about me. I met with Maggie and Lewis just a few days before the article came out. They were so nice and it was fun having company! My little studio rarely hosts real people. It is mostly made up of little cartoons that sometimes run a muck! As fun at that is, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Maggie and Lewis. My grandson Henry sat amazingly well for a three-year old as I read him the story with the promise from his mommy that he would be getting fruit snacks if he was good! (another story behind a story!”

Maggie and Lewis

The story Maggie wrote was nice. It was a smattering of facts crunched into a newspaper article. Considering the amount of things I told her, she did well! Ha!

After reading the article in Sunday's paper I realized there were pieces missing. The missing pieces are big in my heart so I decided to write this story.

My book,"Peepsqueak" arrived at my door right after Christmas. It was the culmination of all my hard work. There it sat in a brown box in my living room. I opened the box and the brightly colored covers sang out! "Hooray!"
I felt overwhelmed!!

Whenever I have times like these I go for a walk and have a talk with God! You see, He is my best friend. Without Him, none of this would even have been possible. Yes, my wonderful agent worked hard, my awesome friends at Harper Collins worked hard, I worked hard, but I believe it was God who orchestrated the entire effort.

On my walk, I reflected on my story...

Peepsqueak is a tiny chick with a big dream to fly HIGH!! Everyone tells him he too small to fly HIGH. Throughout the story Peepsqueak tries jumping off everything in sight to fly HIGH.... the results were all the same, he falls to the ground. All at once a big old gray goose comes to him saying, "Who says you can't fly high?"
Old Gray Goose takes Peepsqueak on his back and up UP UP they go!

As I reflected on the story I had an epiphany! I wanted to be a successful artist for years. I had also jumped many times only to find myself sitting on the ground. I had some who doubted me, most artists do. (It is not your regular 9 to 5 job).

Suddenly, I said to God, "Father! I AM PEEPSQUEAK!"
Just as fast as I said those words, I heard in my heart a deep voice saying back to me, "AND I AM THE OLD GRAY GOOSE!"

I nearly fell over... and yes, I DID cry! I LOVE my Old Gray Goose!

The path we walk through this life is often clouded with hard times. I cannot explain the way the Lord works, but I do know this, if you make Jesus your best friend you will never again be without purpose or lost in despair. He will be your best friend and He can do the impossible.

There are many things in this lifetime that seem impossible, I have been through many, but my best friend has taken me through. I am thankful!

Like Peepsqueak, I am off on a new adventure. Each day is brand new and full of possibilities! I keep my heart open and put my hand in the hand of the ONE who takes such good care of me.

11 thoughts on “The Story Behind the Story Behind the Other Story

  1. Sarah Ann Noel says:

    We just checked out “Peepsqueak” from our neighborhood library branch, and my daughter, Iris, loves it. I don’t know why, but your name seemed so familiar to me. Then I saw that you are in Colorado! We are right in Denver! Wondering where it is I’ve come across your name before. We’re hanging on to Peepsqueak right up until the due date. 🙂


    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      Hello Sarah, I am so glad your daughter like Peepsqueak. I have not had any kids NOT like it so that makes me so happy. Where in Denver are you? I go every week to see my dad. If you ever buy the book I would be happy to sign it for you. i have a second book out too. Peepsqueak wants a friend. I hope you library has that one too.

      All the best to you and your little one!

      Leslie and Peepsqueak.


  2. Roxanne says:

    Thank you for sharing that story. I needed to be reminded. I KNOW all you say about Jesus being your best friend–my best friend. About God sweeping us up to take us on adventures we think can never be, but sometimes it helps to be reminded.


  3. Kristy says:

    Leslie, this is beautiful that you give credit to the Lord. I can’t wait to read your book and the tenderness of Peepsqueak to dream big! I had a terrible week and it’s uplifting to remind me of how God is always there and he has a bigger plan with his trust.



    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      Kristy, I am so sorry you had a bad week. I heard you had some issues with the food allergies. I know how difficult those times are when your kids are sick. Hang in there!! My youngest daughter was very very sick with whooping cough when she was in 3rd grade. She was sick from August until Jan of that year. She would wake up coughing and not be able to breath. WE couldn’t get her to recreate that cough during the day. It was only in the night. I had to sleep on the floor of her bedroom for most of those nights. She spent many days home from school. During that time, she took up drawing. The drawings she did in August completely changed by Jan. She found her calling during that year and she was only about 9 years old. God will use every situation for the good. I will keep you in my prayers!


  4. tina says:

    On my porch last week I too found a brown box, also with a copy of Peepsqueak! enclosed. Harper Collins had sent it to me to review. My eight-year-old son, who is more into Newbery books about boys surviving in the wilderness than picture books, ran off with it to his room to read and loved it. Then I read it and loved it, but having read this post, I love it even more. Thank you thank you thank you for being much needed salt and light to the world.


    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      Tina, your words means so much to me. Thank you so much for sharing. Give a hug to that 8 year old too!! We are so happy you both liked the book! You are a sister too, and you just made my day!!

      Leslie and


  5. Karen Hoppes says:


    Thanks so much for sharing your heart. You are right God made it all happen.but God always helps those who believe in him and follow his plan for us. You worked hard for your success and should be proud of what you did. God always help those who help themselfs and have a true belief in him. Again thank you for sharing your beleif and heart with us! I am so proud of you!!!

    Karen Hoppes

    Karen Hoppes


    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      I guess I would say I am pleased that I finished it! whew! It was a big challenge in a lot of ways. I learned so much… it was fun too!

      Being proud … can’t quite go there. I did not do it alone. :0) Know what I mean?


  6. Rocque Hicks says:

    Wow Leslie!

    Thanks for making me cry! Tears of joy of course. You are so dear. I am so thankful for the success of Peepsqueak. What an amazing accomplishment!!!! I can actually say I know an artist and author personally! Lets try (again) to get together. I won’t let Bob schedule anything on my days off (bless his heart)!

    Love you Leslie!



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