Jammie Pants And Magazines

I LOVE a good magazine. There is nothing quite like finishing a long day and curling up in your Jammies with a delightful new magazine hot off the rack. I am very picky as to what I buy.  Daphne’s is very fun. I was sucked into this issue by the colors as I leafed through it. Buying my magazines a process. I only look fast! If I don’t get a spark of interest in a few seconds, I pass. I savor my magazines for those moments in life when a bit of quiet and solitude is required. I wear jammies at home, warm sweaters in coffee shops on cold days. Summer days I go outside in my backyard to read. I love creating a dreamy atmosphere where I can get ideas and imagine. 

One of my other favorite magazines is Artful Blogging.  https://stampington.com/artful-blogging

Another is Where Women Create and hand Where Women Create Business.  http://www.wherewomencreate.com/

These magazine really inspire me. My mother used to share her magazines with me. I must of learned from her. She always had a stack of them for me. I still tear out ideas for color and design and tape them in my sketch books. 

What inspires you?

Snow Day

Everyone needs an occasional “Snow Day” in their life. Fortunately I was able to be home today. The flakes are huge and this time of year there is the threat of falling branches.

I’m spending the rest of the day by the fire with my drawings! Hubby is trying to get the big branch off his Workshop! It’s Springtime in Colorado!IMG_0253