A New Year!

It is that time of year again.  It is my FAVORITE time of year …. when one year gives way to the next.  I imagine the year 2009 stepping aside with all it’s events either recorded in my heart or swept from my thoughts.  A new clean slate is before me.  Those things that need doing are written in my notebook.  I am hopeful they will soon be checked off my list or tossed out for good!  I want only to pursue those things that will make a difference in my life or the life of someone else.  I want everything to be touched with JOY. It is the only way to live!

This image is my sister’s coffee shop.  It is called The Corner Coffee Bar.  On it’s walls are paintings that my sister has done.  I love visiting this place.  The walls are warm with color and the paintings tell stories that invite me into the canvases!  It is not unlike life.  Each day calls us to an adventure of some sort. I can choose to launch out with joy with a skip in my step or whine and complain and wallow in the fogs of life.  I do my share of both but I do strive for JOY in all things.

I am excited for what 2010 has in store!  My story will be written and a new chapter will be added to my life!

Here is a quote I found today.

“The possibilities for tomorrow are usually beyond our expectations.” -Anon

This year of 2010 I shall set my expectations high!