Enter Peep Squeak!

Writing a children’s book has been fun! One might think that it would be easy since there are few words, but the opposite is true.  It is important to pick just the right words. Each word counts!

The main character is named Peep Squeak.  He is  a little  baby chick with PLANS!  ( Originally he  was named Barlow. Only those of you who read my blog will know this secret!!)

I love the process of discovering my characters and developing their tale.  I hope that one day soon it will be a book for all to enjoy.

Clean At Last!

Wow!  The studio is clean at last!  I must have spent a good two weeks cleaning out old files, art, books, papers, old art supplies and … SPIDERS!  Eeeeek!

The finishing touch was purchasing my little futon.  Now I can sit and read or even take a nap!  I am ready to hunker down over the winter months in my comfy cozy home away from home.  It is tiny but just right!  My little doggies are right at my feet!