History Lessons

We add to our history every day of our lives.  That history might not written on pages made of paper, but it can be found in our hearts.

Looking back on the events in our lives may help us to define who we are today or who we may become in the future. By tracking events, we may even see a pattern or a path.

Here is a picture of my 1 and only art gallery show at the Denver Children’s Museum. It did not draw big crowds, family members did not pour in to see it, but it was FUN!!!!  It drew in LITTLE crowds… tiny people.  All the art was about 18 inches above the ground!  It was all about “Fairy Tales”.  My painting was titled, “The Princess and the Pea”.  It is still one of my most favorite fairy tales.  This show was key in my journey to discover what I liked doing and that was illustrating for kids!

What history will you write on your heart today? Where is your path leading you?  Sometimes you have to rise above the mucky muck to find it.  The world is full of mucky muck, but there are always grand adventures around the corner!

“Let’s sit upon a cloud today or hop on a bird and fly away! “





Instant Friends!

A few weeks ago I attended a CCIRA conference in Denver.    http://www.ccira.org/w/w?cmd=goconffees

I was at the conference to share my new book “Peepsqueak“,  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdllelLIRS4) but also to help promote SCBWI, The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators!  It is a wonderful organization that helps authors and illustrators figure out how to get published.

During this CCIRA conference I met three people.  Elaine Pease (http://www.peasepodbooks.com/) and Kathleen Pelley (http://www.kathleenpelley.com/) and Sarah Azibo, the RMC-SCBWI Exhibits Coordinator.  Sarah is also a writer!

We had a lot of fun talking to passersby.  We were encouraging them to attend a SCBWI event.  It was not hard to sell SCBWI.  When people find out about this group, they LOVE it! There are chapters in many states, and around the world!   (www.scbwi.org/)  Many people have told me they want to write a children’s book.  Step 1….. join SCBWI!

During this CCIRA conference we also had time to compare notes about our businesses.  It was great fun!!  Kathleen is from Scotland.  Sarah and I loved sitting and listening to her talk! We all braved the winter storm to attend the conference but it was worth it!!