Good Neighbors

I LOVE good neighbors.  We have a couple next door who own an ice cream store. (Glacier Ice Cream. YUM! ),   A lady across the street that has her own chickens. Next door to our chicken lady is an older woman who has been in her home longer than our 32 years.  We have neighbors behind us with barking dogs… bark… bark.. BARK!!… and then…….. we have Juanita!

When our older neighbors passed away there was a search for a buyer for the home. One by one people viewed the old home.  We peeked out our window to see who they were.  I am sure YOU would do the same!

One day, the seller of the home told me that an artist was interested in buying the home.  I was THRILLED!  I thought to myself, someone who UNDERSTANDS me!   ENTER Juanita Estepa!  Not only does she understand me, she is LIKE me! ha!  She is another creative soul who will never be bored!  Endless projects line her studio walls.  Her garage is full of pottery and 2 wonderful kilns.  She is always cooking up some wonder piece that I WANT!  hahaha!

I’ve been playing around with a business card for Juanita.  If you want some pottery for a gift, let me know.  Juanita is awesome!

I’m Havin’ A Baby!

Ha! … NO!… not a human baby.   My own stuffed animal named Peepsqueak! He is from my new book coming out in January. The second prototype is on its way back to NY.  The company making him is doing a great job… just a few more tweaks and we are ready for production. Here is a peek.  I had to change his eye positions and show them the beak I wanted.  We will try out some different fabric too. We want the pile soft and fluffy!  Yea for Peepsqueak!  Yea for Harper Collins!

A Summer of Fun

I really do love summer.  What I love the most is being outside and doing those things that cannot be done in the cold of winter.  I may be take a long hike, ride my bicycle, sleep with the windows wide open, garden, having picnics, eat my morning breakfasts in the backyard, read a book in the shade of the tree, drive with the windows down…. the list goes on.  We simply must pack it all in before the snow flies!  Today I am sketching. No t.v. … no radio… just listening to the birds and the bees fly by.  I think I better get another glass of ice cold water and lemons!  I love you summer!!