THAT is a very BIG COW!  Mooooooooooooo!!

I just love creating characters.  They all seem to have a life of their own. I look into their eyes and imagine what kind of personality they have.  I imagine what their voices sound like and what their days are filled with.  This is McMoo.  I designed him for a friend’s ice cream store. They may rename him, but to me, he will always be McMoo!!

Ready to Go!

Pencil in hand, papers scattered across my old green kitchen table.  Poised and ready, I begin work on another book.  Perhaps I should say two books!  I have two in the wings.  The second Peepsqueak book and Shivery Timbers!  I can already hear the farm animals in the barn and the crazy Snofolk tumbling down the hills.  Blue Skye Studio, you ROCK!!