Home Away From Home – Out My Window

To some, it is just what it says, a 14 foot Escape travel trailer. To me, it is another place I can escape to do some writing.

From what I hear from other friends in the creative field, getting alone is crucial to creativity. When we bought this little gem, I imagined having my early morning coffee in it. Home away from home? Not yet, we have not driven it out of the driveway yet. But, I am using it!

It’s name? We tossed a few ideas around. I have settled on Mobeleo. It’s a cross between Mobile and the famous cartoon character named Oblio. The little boy who was born without a point. (It ends good!)

I have heard many people say that motor homes are rarely used. Not this one! My studio is so jammed packed these days that this spartan little trailer is perfect!

New place to write

New place to write