Crunch Time and Doodles

The dreaded “White Paper”!  It is something many artists fear. This is the moment or time  before the ideas begin spawning on to a page.  For some, this can actually stop an artist in their tracks as they wait for inspiration to show itself.  It can go on for years or even a lifetime.  I do not have that convenience.  I have a DEADLINE!  The middle of May everything must be shipped off for my trade show.   Today it all begins as I start with the tiny thumbnail sketches that will loosen me up and clutter my pages.  From those very doodles will come my finished art.  All will be done with great love, for it is a blessing to be an artist.  I find joy in knowing I am like my Father who created all things!


It’s that time of year again.  A time to dream about the garden!  Many people begin cleaning their homes but my mind travels to the garden. I am not a master gardener, but I love digging and planting and waiting to see what comes up!  This year I am planting with my niece in mind. She is getting married in August and I love the idea of snipping off blooms for her center pieces!

I picked up some seeds at the nursery today and  will place an order at Burpee for some fancy zinnias!

HOORAY for SPRING!!!!  Rocks in my shoes, dirt in my hair, hahaha!  FUN in the sun!

…Okay, so we are expecting snow tomorrow and Monday… but I am already growing flowers in my dreams.