A Sketching Day!

Oh what fun it is to sit and sketch. I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, even if it’s only for me. When you were born to create, nothing else satisfies. In the old days, artists were reveered. They were sometimes supported financially so that they might go on creating. What a leap we have made to this century where artists are often misunderstood to be lazy and dreamy-eyed. Who would not be dreamy-eyed with all the ideas we have rolling through our heads!
All of that to say, if someone wants to support me while I sketch, step on up to the plate! Haha! back to.sketching!

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Artists live a life of wonder. At times, it’s wondering what to do next. I will not lie, I have been wondering this for the last few months. I am looking for the sweet spot! It’s my favorite place to be in Art. It’s the place where you are working and you don’t want to stop. I think it’s a divine place where God kisses your life with ideas that flow out in a steady stream.

A lot of things can bar you from this place. Looking in the wrong direction, self doubt, self pity, self self self. Ha! Get the point? You have to get rid of the”self” part. If the sweet spot is divine, then you have to seek out the divine.

A few nights ago I had a dream. My dad was in the dream. Someone had driven him to my house. He slowly came up the steps to my house and said to me, ” Bloom“. In a small whisper he said, “bloom where you are planted”.
Then he was gone.
I woke up knowing the “divine” had spoken to me.
No grinding out ideas, just let the divine IN me out… to make the art I was born to make.

A flower does not worry about the bloom. All the coding for that bloom is IN the seed. It simply drinks up moisture from above and the roots go down and the bloom comes.

So… BLOOM today! You were meant to be like none other.

Time To Imagine

Each day is filled with work. My work is fun, but there are still decisions to make and a path to stay on. There are meetings to schedule and deadlines to meet. It can be a constant process of thought and movement.
I have stopped for the day. I stopped to look over my idea book and enjoy the summer breeze. The are ideas everywhere and sometimes you cannot find the ones that are in the calm of the day if you don’t stop to look and listen.
My doggie stands guard to protect me from squirrels, my other doggie wanted the cool of the air in the house. I listen to the wind kicking up. I hear cars from a nearby street. I feel sure that the birds are discussing what’s for dinner. My feel are hot in my sneakers that are still on since my morning walk. My daisies look like they are reaching for the sky. The weeds are tall on the north side of my house. My thoughts travel to what to make for dinner. (I resist that thought for now). My daughter turned 35 today! That makes me smile as I remember her entrance into this world and her loud voice!

All of these are but fleeting thoughts. Sometimes a fleeting thought will make into a story, but you must take the time to stop, look and listen.

Now I dive into my idea book!


Summers Bounty


What a wonderful summer day! I spent the afternoon napping and reading a book. The clouds darkened the skies and a gentle rain ensued for the good part of about 6 minutes! I do love summer days and WEEKENDS!

Deadlines for art submissions have passed and there has come this summer season of looking for new ideas. Crunch time gives way to the relaxed season in which i can play with the wonders of my imagination.

How do I get ideas? I plow through magazines, books, stores, websites, looking for something to inspire. Color combinations, trends, shapes, textures charge me up! I am always careful NOT to steal ideas. But one idea may spawn a new one in my mind.

As far as writing ideas? They most often come to me on my walks. I have to be sure to bring paper and pen.

And so I thank you summer months! For your green leaves, spectacular flowers, fruits and veggies in the garden and warm moon lite nights. Summer bounty spills into my studio! I love it!

Coffee Shop Visit


I found another lost post this morning. Since I’m too tired to walk, I will just pretend that this was today!!

This morning I went for a nice walk. I almost always end up in a coffee shop sometime during my walks. Coffee shops draw me in. They are full of people and people are interesting! Everyone of them has a story. While sitting in Ziggies this morning I see mostly men. Sitting across from me is a man with shining white hair. He is bent over the newspaper and chasing down his seeded bagel with warm coffee. His newspaper is spread out before him. I wonder what he did for a living when he was working. Is he married? Is he widowed? What did he look like when he was a little boy? Where did he live? What is his story?

The man in front of me is graying, but not retired. He has his work papers spread out before him and he looks entirely too serious for this time of the morning. He has a real coffee cup, not a paper one. He has on a nice dress shirt, Dockers, matching socks and black dress shoes. He could be a lawyer or even a teacher. I try to guess.

As I sip my coffee I watch the two girls behind the counter making a tall whip creamy chocolate drink for a young girl who looks to be a track star. Miss track star leaves and more customers pour in. None of them stay, all leave for work or play.

There is one more man sitting on the couch. His white curly beard is out of control. He has a vacant stare as he drinks his coffee slowly. I wonder about him. Has he anyone to love him? Another man sits down on the couch across from him and Mr. Vacant begins talking about the fire that has been on the news and then he chats about the hot summer forecast in the newspaper. The other man barely listens to him. Mr. Vacant goes back to his vacant stare. I feel sorry for him. Does he have family? Does anyone care about him?

And so that is my coffee shop morning. I am off to finish my day. It will be full with drawing chickens and preparing for my visit to NY. Still, I will remember my morning walk and those people who crossed my path.

All Aboard for 2013!

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 11.38.50 AMDecember and January… my favorite time of year!

How funny! I found this unpublished blog post while looking through my WordPress site. It was fun to read it now that we are midway till Christmas! I suppose it’s a bit of a mile marker for me to measure up what I’ve accomplished so far. It’s also fun to read where my head was at during that time of year .

*********************************tàke a peek* and Merry Christmas! HA!****************************

I love the holiday bustle, I love the atmosphere of giving. The giving of time tops it all. Why? because it is setting down your busy life to pour yourself into someone else. People are precious! From the tiniest soul to the well worn senior. That is why we cry when they die. Our hearts can be wrapped around complete strangers when we hear they have died. It is a fascinating thing to be human being.

When the holidays end, it is time to move into the new year. I imagine it this way. I am about to board a train that will take me through 2013. I have a destination in mind. I begin to pack what I need. I look back at my 2012 journey to determine how I will pack for this year and where I will be headed. I can only take what I need. Why lug about unnecessary items? Do I really need this and that? My gaze shoots around my house. I think.. “I have been taking this item on my trip for 30 years and I never use it! It’s time to get rid of it.”

What did you accomplish in the year 2012? Did you fulfill a dream? Did you start on a new dream? Did you fail miserably? ha! The answer, “yes” to the last question need not discourage you. Life is a journey. We often have our “falling on face” moments. They prepare us for success. They hone us. They often times show us what NOT to do. They may actually set our course to success if we do not give up.

*******************6more months to go! How are you doing in the advancement of your goals?*******