Hooray For The Mailman!

Who does not like to get packages in the mail?  The package I received last week was from Spoonflower!  My new fabric came!  It’s quite fun to see Newton made BIG!  I am going to make him into a little pillow to go with my Newton nap mat for little ones.

The “Fernie and Zippy” characters will also be stuffed. My friend Bonnie will quilt the Newton fabric into a “quillo” and I will have her make some pockets on the quillo (nap mat) so that Fernie and Zippy can be tucked in. I will post it when I get the idea figured out.  It is fun to see ideas come together!

A Brand New Day!

It’s a brand new day!  Yesterday was a hair pulling, weird, tweaking, changing, tossing, scratching head kind of day in the studio.  Those days come to all of us. Today started off differently.

I woke up, showered, ate breakfast and let my  little doggies out.  While standing on my steps I heard a noise.  I looked into the tree to see a HUGE something on a branch above me. I kid you not, it was so NOT a squirrel!  I kept thinking it was a racoon!  No?  Then it moved and I could see it was a huge bird!  I slowly walked toward the back door so as not to scare this bird off.  I put my small, rodent sized doggies in the house and hollered for Gary to grab the binoculars.  We walked back outside and found the best vantage point to view this spectacular bird and decided it was a Golden Eagle!  YES!   Just then the birds wings stretched our broadly and it took flight, right before our very eyes.  The wing span was HUGE!   I am still in awe of the sight.  It was then that this word came to me.

“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary.They will walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:30-31)”

Today will be a GREAT DAY!

The Old And The New

My mother passed away over a year ago.  Since that time, my sisters and brother and I have been helping my dad to clean the house and go through all the things our mom had saved through the years.  With a mixture of sad and happy thoughts we found ourselves knee deep in dress patterns, old magazines, half started craft projects, mystery novels and much more.  All of these things were a part of who our mother was.

At one point we came across this bit of fabric she saved from curtains she made for our home back in the 50s.  You could hear us ooooh… and ahhh and say things like, ” I LOVED those curtains!” or  “I remember them so well!”

I made the choice to keep this swatch because it was such a fond memory. I remember the fabric strip my mother carefully sewed on the back of the fabric to hold all the curtain hooks. It fascinated me the way the hooks would then gather up and pleat the fabric perfectly.

My mother seemed to be able to do anything with her sewing machine.  She made all our dresses for a while and many of the other things around the house. She loved decorating our home! She even made a slip cover for our couch that I remembered thinking was both beautiful and amazing!  Because of my mom I have a love for fabrics, yarns, and color color color!

My sisters and brother are also very creative.  We find there is no end to the new and exciting possibilities life has to offer the creative soul!  New ideas, new combinations, new new new!  It is all so fun and inspiring!

Still, there is that vein of  “the OLD” in us.  I say this with respect and honor.  Those “old days” partially shaped us into who we are today.  I am forever grateful to our parents who took the time to love us and encourage us in all things, new and old!

Well done Bob and Ann~!