Picking Paint!


I am an artist, yet picking paint for my walls does not come easy.  For one, I always pick a color that screams at me when I get it on the wall.

Secondly,  I have to find a color I won’t get tired of too quickly.   I picked a pretty blue color and bought two buckets last fall. Just a few weeks ago I opened the paint and put some on the wall.  It S C R E A M E D  at me!!  It was almost scary!  It was not the color you would have in a room you actually SLEEP in.!  Ha!

I decided I had nothing to lose so I poured both buckets into one big 5 gallon bucket. Then I started pouring some of my old paint into the bucket to see if I could find a color I could live with.  I have nearly 5 gallons of what I call, Bluish Greenish Purplish La La.

NO,  I am not putting in on the wall. I could tell that I would tire of it within only a few weeks.  Instead, I went to the store and bought “Blue Lagoon”.  My daughter just painted her bedroom this color. It passed the WOW test.  The WOW test is when you walk into a room and go,  “WOW”.

So, that is the end of my story!

Oh NO!  I just remembered I bought some pale blue for my ceiling… I sure hope it matches Blue Lagoon!!!

A New Book Is In The Works

The Peeps Squeaks were well received in at the Licensing Expo this year.  The Peep Squeaks fabric will be out in 2010 and hopefully with a book to go with it! I am working on the story now.  I do love this fun little group of chickies!  I can imagine them in baby nurseries all over the world.

Every story begins with the rough sketches.  Here is a peek at the Peep Squeaks.

That is all I am saying for now!

Let it Grow •Let it Grow • Let it Grow!

Spring is here with Summer just around the corner!  I LOVE this time of year!  With lingering cold and rain my seed planting was at least two weeks late this year.  Still, I think my Zinnias have plenty of time to grow.

My June roses are in full bloom along with the flowers on my Snow on the Mountain. Its like having a big bouquet in our backyard each year.  The lilacs are blooming late and the plum tree has plums this year!

All in all, things are doing well.  I love everything from planting to weeding and trimming.  I think I learned this love of gardening from my father.  When I was young I was given a choice.  Stay inside and clean or go OUTside and weed!  I chose to weed. One time I had a lot of the little neighbor kids helping me.  When I was finished I took great joy in the look of the rose bed without grass and weeds in it.

My garden areas now are mostly flowers in the front and raspberries and tomatoes in the backyard.  This year I planted three pumpkin plants and some gord seeds. ha!  I know I shall see those gourds hanging in my honey suckle bushes! !  I always over plant in small places. I never learn.  hahaha!

Growing a garden is great therapy for me.  Fresh air and exercise. Nothing like it after a long cold winter.


It‘s been a while since I have posted a blog.  There has been a LOT going on with getting ready for the big Licensing Show in Las Vegas and then some health issues with my father and my uncle.  My uncle ended up passing away a few weeks ago.  We are all sad but we are also happy to have had such a wonderful man as our uncle!

Losing three parents and two uncles in just a couple of years is hard. As hard as it is, I find I cannot live in a place of constant grief.  I have decided to count my blessings and look for something fun in each day.

These thoughts brought me back in time to when we would watch the movie Pollyanna.  Pollyanna was a cute little girl with her share of problems.  She would play the GLAD game and find things to be glad about even when life was hard.  It was a great movie yet people made fun of it over the years calling her a goodie two shoes.  I say WAY TO GO POLLYANNA!  Life is too short to crab about everything under the sun.  Instead we should smile and chose to be glad!!  It makes for a less toxic life.

Tomorrow is my dear uncle’s funeral.  I will be glad for all the family members who are coming. We will hug and cry and remember stories.   It may be a bitter sweet day but we will all be together as a family and I am sure we will find many things to be GLAD about.  Thank you Pollyanna!