The Studio

My Escape Into Fun!

Here's Where It All Happens

Today you get a little peek into my world.  This is the place I go to create. In this place little characters come alive.  Newton, Hen Rietta, Peep Squeaks, Snofolk, Baxter, Bailey Blue, Bleszings, Pints (my first line), Lae Dee Bugg, Junie Bugg and more.  Yes, it can be a noise place at times!  Thanks for visiting!!

The Making of Fabric

Just finishing up a new line for Clothworks.  I must say,  every line I work on is enjoyable.  It’s like taking a trip and finding treasures along the way.  Ideas pop into my head as I imagine the story that leads to the fabric line.  This newest line might be out early in 2011 unless something changes.  Here’s a sneak peek.