I Remember . . .

I remember when I could DO this!  ha!  Nothing quite so fun as drawing on your past to create your cartoon characters for today.  I remember taking gymnastics and dance lessons once a week at Ethel’s house.  She was an amazing instructor who had a real passion for teaching.  Each year she would teach us different tap dancing numbers and our mothers would get our sparkly, sequined, fringed costumes ready.  Ethel would also teach us gymnastics and later coach us for meets.  We dressed in our little black leotards each week and ran down her black rubber mats doing our tricks.  We were rolling,  jumping, flying and crashing.   I still hear Ethel’s voice saying,  “Point your toes!”, “smile!”, “you can do it!”


Enter Mr. Frog

Oh bright and sunny day!  A new character emerges out of the pond.  Mr. Frog in all his glory!  Soon a host of other frogs appear and the day is filled with croaking and catching flies.

Life in Blue Sky Studio is never boring.  It is a place where shadows disappear and light rushes in!  I love being an artist.    I am driven by a desire to create and make people happy with my art. If I have done that for one person in one day then I can go to bed smiling! Ribbit!!


Have you ever thought about laughing?  I mean, have you ever thought about what it really is?  It’s enough to make you laugh out LOUD!

I went to visit a friend a few weeks ago and we laughed so hard I was crying.  I love that kind of laughing. It’s supposed to be really good for us!!  The Bible talks about laughter being good like a medicine and doctors agree.

We should all find ways to laugh out loud every day. We can hunt down funny people and hang out with them! We can stop taking ourselves so seriously.  We can imagine funny scenarios and make them happen!  Why not?  We might just make someone ELSE laugh!

And so my wish for you today is a good old-fashioned belly laugh! You might have to search hard.  The sad, crabby, disappointing days are challenging,  but when those funny moments come….. JUMP on them!!!!