New Every Morning

My “Peepsqueak” book is all about working hard to achieve goals no matter what anyone says. There are many “Poo poo-ers” in the world. It can be quite an effort at times to move toward your dreams when there are those who stand in the way with puzzled looks on their faces or telling you how you should do some OTHER dream.

Sometimes you don’t even KNOW what you want to do.  Never fear!

There is a dream in all of us! There is something born into us that needs doing.  Many people never find that dream because it is too hard, to scary, or the Poo Poo-ers got the best of them.

“Peepsqueak” is also about brand new beginnings. He was born into the world on a brand new day. Each of us have that new beginning every morning when our feet hit the floor.  All kinds of possibilities are set before us!

This morning I met an older woman named Marion.  I was at my local coffee shop when she came up to me with a worried look on her face. She told me she missed her bus!  She had no idea what to do because her next bus did not leave town for 7 hours!   I suggested we walk over to the senior center across the park and ask around about other possibilities for travel.  During that time we got to know each other a bit. She lived in Germany for a while and traveled all over Europe with her husband. She had grandchildren and two kids.  As we talked more we realized she only missed the early bus and she could catch the second bus in an hour. (I also found out how cheap it was to take the bus! I might have to try riding the bus to see my sister sometime. It sounds like a new adventure!)

So Marion was my new twist in the day.  What did YOU do new today?  If you meet up with a Poo Poo-er, just smile, and KEEP MOVING!