Leaping for Joy!

PearlOh to have a life like Pearl! She is leaping through life without a care! Hitched to a star, jumping through a meadow of hearts, kicking up her heals with a spring in her step. She is one of my favorite images. I always smile when I come across my Pearl. It is why I do what I do. Joy and leaping and dancing are a part of who I am. Even if I don’t go around doing it all day, I am in my heart whenever possible. It is something I was taught as a child. Our parents encouraged joy in their own ways. It just rubbed off on us kids…and so my biggest joy is to spread it!

Happy Spring everyone!

The Art Licensing Show Ribbon Cutting!

ribboncut Oh What fun!!!  The Art Licensing Show website is up and running today!!   You may ask, what is it?  Here is the explanation by founder Cherish Flieder.

ArtLicensingShow.com is a permission based, virtual portal where artwork can be reviewed privately by Art Directors who are looking to commercially license artwork. Authorized Art Directors may request to see art from a wide assortment of participating Artists and Licensors and highlight favorite art pieces, all with a single login.

It is an online directory where art licensing companies and professionals in supporting roles can be be listed and found with a simple search by name, keywords, subject and genre.

Lastly, it’s a a social gathering where industry professionals can network and connect with one another in groups, site updates, and via direct messaging to advance their goals.


All of us on the site have been working hard to get our art up and loaded.  Today is our big day!

Am I finished?  Is an artist ever really finished?  There are always more things to do!  More drawing, more coloring,

more ideas, more more more!