I wonder!

Every grown up in this world should be touched by the lives of “wee” ones! To distance yourself from children is to lose sight of what is important in life, that being, simplicity and wonder.

Looking at life through the eyes of children is to see the WONDER of it all.

Last night we had our two little grandsons over.  We watched with fascination the way they responded to each other.  Nolan, our oldest, was laughing as Henry was trying to pronounce words and make conversation. Henry was trying his hardest to show Nolan how big he was.  You could almost see their brains working as they flew from one toy to another.

One of my goals in life is to live a life of wonder. Must we always tear things apart trying to figure it all out?  Can we not just enjoy the simplicity of life?  The fresh air, the clouds drifting by, the birds tweeting in the bushes, snow falling or even the wind howling as the trees pelt the house with dead branches. Oh the wonder of a child forming his or hers first words, baking a cake with a toddler, building matchbox car race tracks and a familyroom full of tents!

Life is short!  Have some fun!

Sketches Galore!

The Peepsqueak book is in NY!  What great fun to kiss Peepsqueak goodbye and send him on his way to become famous!  Now I am faced with these piles and piles of sketches.  The studio will be cleaned in the days to come and then next project will begin.  A very clean studio feels a little sterile. I am always happy to begin making it messy again!  Thoughts and ideas must not be kept tidy!  They must be allowed to run rampant! That is what a real studio is made for.

R and R

Once in a blue moon, I get “sick”.  Well, I am not liking “sick”.  I lay around here and there, take a nap here and there, drink teas, eat soups, la la lazzzzzzzy dazy dizzy..!  BUT! this little “sick” is no where near what some friends feel all the time.  In this little “sick” my heart begins leaning towards those who are hurting with “sick” each day. Mindi, Terry, Robert, Chuckie, Nicole, Patty, and more….. you are in my prayers. ❤