Shivery Timbers

Shivery Timbers is a land where the Snofolk live!

It’s been a good day to work on my new book.  The manuscript is coming along but I wanted to get started on a couple of the illustrations for the  submission.  It has been great fun drawing and sketching the last few weeks, but oh what fun it is to get to the COLOR stage!  I love to see the pages come alive.

Shivery Timbers will feature my Snofolk along with some new woodland characters.  The book will be the inspiration for my next Clothworks fabric designs.

“The Snofolk in Shivery Timbers”

So visit me again and see how things are progressing.

One Little Fox

Meet Kamik, the little fox tot!

Kamik means Eskimo boot. (I think I will have to work that into his bio).

I drew him this week for my new book.  He is a baby red fox and lives with a number of other interesting characters in the land of Shivery Timbers.

As with all my cartoons, as soon as I draw them I am captured by them. They are my babies and I have sketchbooks full of them.  (I find it a curious thing that they all want to be famous!)

When I was little I had an great aunt named Emily. She would smile, crunch up her eyes and pinch my cheek!  While I realize that some children would hate this gesture, I found it a wonderful attribute!  Aunt Emily will forever be in my heart!

Aunt Emily once told me that every room should have just a little bit of RED in it.  I was very young when she told me this but it has stayed with me all these years. I think little Kamik the red fox, will be a just the dash of red that I need for my new book.  If he has a little girl friend I shall name her Emily!

My Brother

Here he is!  My dear brother Bob Gillis.  He is one of my heroes in life.  He was very brave to live with three sisters throughout his growing up years!

Why post about my brother?  Because he is a creative soul and he inspires me.  He is an awesome musician!

I grew up listening to him play his trumpet every day.  Music is his passion. He teaches others to find their way along this same artistic path.  Music is in his soul and that makes me happy!

I love you Bobby!!!!!!!

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