What lurks in your drawers? What hides in your closets? What’s buried in boxes under your bed or in the crevices of your life?  It is different for everyone. When cleaning out my studio I found this quirky collection I began a few years back. I pulled the top off my coconut milk and slipped the plastic ring on my finger and thought…

“I could make fun rings out of these little things…maybe add some beads.. yeah…”

The next beginning was when I started making protein shakes about 3 years ago. I opened the canister to find a plastic scoop. I turned the scoop over in my hand.

“There must be a use for this scoop!”   The scoop collection grew.

Which brings me to today.  I have over 50 scoops and numerous rings… and it’s time to let them GO!

What’s in YOUR closet?