What a Week!

We are so glad it is Sunday!  Peepsqueak needed a break from all his travels and his book debut.

Thanks to everyone for voting on the two Peepsqueak plush.  Amazingly enough it was a tie.  I shared the voting with Harper Collins and I am sure Merry Makers will come out with a wonderful finished product.

Peepsqueak books hit the stores on Tuesday. My dear friends across the country sent sightings via emails and texts.  It was great fun!  This one came all the from Seattle!   Tomorrow begins another busy week. Peepsqueak’s first book signing is a conference in Denver. I am sure it will be fun!

WELCOME to the WORLD of BOOKS Peepsqueak!  Today is your day!  Today your book has been released for kids of all ages to see!

Harper Collins has been a wonderful partner in the production of Peepsqueak’s first book. I am including links to Peepsqueak’s page at Harper Collins in this blog post.  There are fun activities for the kids, and an awesome trailer!  I hope you all enjoy the new “Peepsqueak” book. I must say, he inspires me to always keep MOVING!!!