Who ARE you?

In hiding!

Have you ever wanted to be invisible or hide out somewhere?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be someone else?

Have you ever walked by a house and wondered what it might be like to live in it?

Have you ever taken a trip and wondered what it might be like to live in a new place where nobody knew you?

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to know what you know now and go back in time 40 years?

Have you ever thought of completely changing your job description?  “I used to be an artist but now I am a brain surgeon saving one life at a time.”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to win the lottery IF you actually bought a ticket?

Have you ever…….. ?

A teen tiny picture of my teeny tiny grandma Helen.  I was thinking of her today.  Every couple of years she would come and visit us. It was not long after she arrived that she was frying up bread dough, sprinkling it with sugar and making her four grandchildren very happy!

My grandma Helen was very creative. She was an expert seamstress and spent many hours making presents for all her many grandchildren. From stuffed animals, baby bibs, crocheted afghans and tablecloths, she always had something she was working on.  Perhaps that is why I am always working on something!  Thanks Grandma!!

Sometimes DIRT is a GOOD thing!

SUMMER!!  Seems that every night I am washing off dirt from the garden or from cleaning or whatever! It’s fine with me. I LOVE being outside!  The studio is almost completely cleaned out.  I am only waiting on one more detail. .. .the futon! I look forward to a comfy place to sit while looking through files or sketching up ideas for my next book.

I think that most of my busiest summer days are behind me.  We had a fantastic crowd of upwards of 40,000 hit our town last weekend.  Heaven Fest!!  tons and tons are people came to our reservoir to hear over 70 bands play on at least 8 stages. It was so fun.  Volunteering was great too.  Yesterday I went back to help pick up trash.

We had an “Inside Out” day at our church.  Each year we close the doors of church and we all go out into the community. We partner with the city to paint houses for the elderly, clean up city parks, or whatever needs doin!

It’s back to work this week.  I am refreshed and ready!!  I already have many little cartoons running through my mind, ready to jump on the paper!  Oooohhhhh…. fun fun fun!  I love being an artist!!

4th of July Fun!

The 4th of July is one of my children’s favorite holidays.  The tradition is to attend the church picnic, drive some vehicles to the special “spot” to save our places for the fairground fireworks show.  At about 6 we head over to the “spot”.  For 3 hours or more we sit on the side of the road and wait.  All of our friends know we will be there. Over the years many have come to sit with us.  We talk and talk and eat popcorn.  Then, the amazing fireworks begin!!  For one half hour they explode right over our heads.  There is NOT a better seat than the ones near the fairgrounds.  This year we have a three year old and a 21 month old with us.  I can hardly wait to see their eye as they watch the exploding lights.
Even with all the company, this will be a lazy day.  I guess that is why we all love it.  No presents to buy, just laughing and visiting all day long.  :0)