Today’s the DAY!

Today is the DAY!  It only comes ONCE a year!  It’s the DAY all the leaves fall off our catalpa tree! My husband and I joke around about it each year.  Last night we had our first good freeze and PRESTO!  The leaves are falling falling falling!

That’s all I have to say about it!  (except I LOVE this day for no good reason!)

Wassa Madda With Me?

I am always changing things around, cleaning up, redoing, shifting, repainting, reorganizing, stacking and filing.  In the last two years I have made an addition to these behaviors.  I am now getting RID of things. My husband’s remark?

“She is giving away everything that’s not nailed down!

Of course this is not completely true.  I have not gotten rid of HIS things yet. HA!

For some reason it feels like everything in my house looks as OLD as the hills, the paintings, furniture, dishes, towels, lamps… EVERYTHING!

Perhaps it is because all of our kids have moved out and we have more time to stare at the stuff in our house?

Well, the stuff is GOING!  I can almost hear my belongings shaking in fear, thinking to themselves, “Am I next?”

Ha ha ha heee hee heee (evil laugh), YES!


My work seems to have different phases.  Last week was full of wild creativity!  I browsed pages and  pages of magazines with scissors in hand, blasted through bins of children’s books, and treasure hunted for color combinations in just about anything that came into view. If you could have seen into my brain you would have been scared. hahaha!

This week the tide has turned. My days will be spent without any other human beings in sight and only a sleeping puppy or two at my feet. It will be this way until my ideas are sketched, inked in, scanned, and colored. For me it means many quiet solitary days. Someone singing on the radio or a person talking on the television might scatter my thoughts like a stiff wind blowing a newly finished puzzle off a card table into a million pieces!

I don’t mind quiet days. In fact, when life gets crazy hectic I often retreat to this quiet place.  It’s a source of strength to sit with my little cartoons that smile up at me.  Call that crazy if you’d like … but its my little part of the world.


I was going to finish cleaning my kitchen floor… but then I thought, why not add a blog update?  ha!

Today I went for a walk.  There is nothing like walking in leaves!  I love fall mornings.

As usual, even on my walks I am working.  All I could see were color palettes! I picked up leaf after leaf to add to my fall collection.

Back to the Studio…

IN the studio!  It’s poppin’ today!  AAck… how does this place get so messy?  Oh yeah, because I am creative!

NO! …. I can’t have only ONE thing going on.  I look around and I see the beginnings of two children’s books, three bins full of wool for felting projects, watercolors to play with for a Christmas gift, new fabric lines started… sketchbook growing, bulging files of ideas, doggies napping ….. ahhhh, it’s a most wonderful thing!!

Today’s work is on Peep Squeak.  I love this little guy… and he loves me! 

Chasing Ideas

In my quest for new ideas, I often begin at our local library.  In fact, I am discovering all the libraries that are located between my house and my dad’s house which is about an hour away.  Each library has different books!  What fun it is browsing through pages and pages of BOOKS!  Children’s books,  garden books, books about weaving, decorating, farm animals, famous painters, travel books and more!  Sometimes just having a stack of books near my chair inspires me! ha!  I LOVE BOOKS!!!

Color Chasing

Oh what fun it is to begin a fabric line.  I was thinking I would take you down my creative path to the makings of the new Hen Rietta fabric line.

My first thoughts go towards color.  For me, color is what inspires the whole process!! It breathes life into the line.  Quiet and soft? Bold and LOUD?  Vibrant and happy?  Today I am wrapping my head around colors that I love most.  Funny thing is, what I find exciting for one day can change the next. I get my ideas from everything around me, plates, fabrics, magazine articles, books, whatever jumps out at me!

I think that after I find the colors I like best I will ask my hens~!!!  What do YOU think?


Oh the “Happy Dance!”. Peep Squeak just got the news that he will be featured in his own children’s book with Harper Collins.  We have to go to contract, but for now we are both happy campers!  It’s as noisy as can be in my home with all these little cartoons running around celebrating!  Thank you Margaret for your “happy” email!


Everyone needs a day to do as you please!  With all the many things that pull at us in our lives it is sometimes important to run away!  Even without leaving our homes!  Run away in a book you are reading, run away in a movie you are watching, run away in a journal you are writing, run away in your own backyard!

I seem to write a lot about things that inspire me or things I am thinking about.  It is because those are the things that keep me thinking about what art I am going to do next!  Fun fun fun!  I am running away today!!!!!!