Piano Lessons?

Today I was remembering  piano lessons. When I was a kid, I really wanted to play the flute but we did not own a flute…. only a piano.  Sooo…enter Claudine Renfro,  my piano teacher.  Needless to say, Claudine did not last long. ( I did like her stickers)

Then, enter Mrs. Dewitt. She scared me!  Each week she would make me play and I had to find ways of pretending that I had practiced for hours.

One method was the sway.  I would try to play the notes and sway from side to side with the tune.  I don’t think she minded too much but when she made me play a duet with my younger sister, I would always bump into her.  The best day at Mrs. Dewitts house was the day we had a tornado warning I got to leave early!

In the end, the lessons ended.  You know that you were not meant to do a thing when you are completely THRILLED beyond measure the day you don’t have to do it ever again in your whole life!!!

A Package At My Door.

OOOOHhhhhh!  I love the UPS man!  . . . that is . . . well . . . you know what I mean.  I don’t actually KNOW him but I love when he brings me packages!  I LOVE surprises!!! (My husband drove for UPS once and I do love HIM! :0))

Today UPS brought me a children’s book I ordered.  Oh it is so cute!  It made me so happy!!!  Some folks get happy with diamonds or vacations on cruise ships.  I would be happy with a drawing board in every room in my house and piles of children’s books and art supplies scattered about!  Ha!  … Here are a couple of images of my new book.  I wonder if I will ever meet Peter McCarty?  I think I will look for him on Facebook!

Fun Day in the Studio

Run Peep Squeak run!  … all over the studio!  You crack me up!!  I know I am the creator of this precocious young bird, but I am still surprised when an idea comes to life on the page.  For me, that is the joy of being an artist. It is the surprise of a new idea. It can be something as simple as the position of the head or some funny accessory for the character.  Again, I love my job!

Saying Goodbye at the Lainey Cafe

Many, many years ago, a woman named Lainey Garvin, gathered a small group of 5 other women and formed an email group. It was called,  “The Cafe”.

Each morning someone would begin by sending out an email to everyone.  The group would all respond.  For many many years we have continued on with our emails.  We are “art” friends, but we are also, “heart” friends!

We are all very different, our art is different, our personalities are different, but we have one thing in common, we love and respect each other. When our Lainey passed away suddenly, we re-named our group, “The Lainey Cafe“.  Now we are Karen, Joan, Luanne, Leslie and the baby of the group, Roz.

We are all artists pursuing our dreams of earning a living doing what we love,  ART.

As it is with life, there are many ups and downs.  This week was a down.  Roz’s son passed away on Monday morning.  His name is Kevvy.  He is only 15 years old.  Most of us never met Kevvy in person but through the years we have all grown to love him through this thing called email.

I am dedicating this blog to our Kevvy.  Live on in heaven Kevvy!  Run and dance and jump!  You are still very much alive to all of your aunties in the Lainey Cafe!!!