A Fork in the Road!

OH NO! It’s another Fork in the ROAD!

Do you ever feel like you are wandering down roads full of FORKS? Shall I turn THIS way? or should I turn THAT way? … Should I do THIS or THAT? … Come THERE or stay HERE?… Go UP or stay DOWN? … Pass THROUGH or HOLD BACK ?… STOP or GO? … IN or OUT?…? … AAaahhhhh!

In the world of art, what you may think is fabulous, the rest of the world may wonder…”why”? And so it is with Art Licensing. You conceive the idea and launch it. Your vision is to see your art on greeting cards, plates, cups, blankies, books, records and even dog dishes!

Then one day your agent calls and says, “Get a grip, it’s not working. No one wants a TALKING RED BARN!”

Suddenly you feel your ship beginning to sink. The launch has gone awry!

IF you don’t STOP, you risk a total shut down in your creative process. Then… ENTER the BOOGIE MAN! He whispers in your ear….”You will never get anywhere”, “You are spinning your wheels”, “Only your mother likes your art and you hate your mother’s taste in art”, “Maybe you could be a milkman?”….

Nothing against milkmen, but, you are an ARTIST! or an Engineer or a Salesman or a Teacher or… WHATEVER!

When you come to a FORK in the road, no matter what your line of work is, its time to think, not freak! Here are a few ways I handle FORKS.

1. GET AWAY! Completely walk away. Problems always look worse when they are smack in your face. I am not talking about running away! … just take a break from your work. Get some rest! Visit with a friend, take a walk, run a marathon! Go to a third world country! Plant a garden!

2. Next, begin mining for some new ideas. DIG! Open your eyes and see what’s out there. Take a serious look at your work! Ask questions, be brave for the answers! When I first started in greeting cards I drew up a whole line full of clowns! I had clowns running and jumping and laughing and crying! Tons of clowns! Clowns in all different sizes and colors! Then, I discovered that…. well… uh…nobody really cared about clowns. BUT! One company liked a drawing I did of a BABY! Ha! Suddenly my whole focus turned to babies! Babies running and crawling and toddling and sleeping!

3. Give yourself permission to start all over again with something fresh and new. Make a way for ANOTHER bright idea! Why, just this morning, somewhere between dreaming and waking, I had NEW idea! Ha! I can’t wait to get started on it!

4. So… find your smile and tack it back on your face. All is not lost. In fact, YOU FOUND A FORK! Embrace it!! Think to yourself… “ROAD TRIP!”… Pack your bags for a new journey into your imagination!

(The clowns are still in the dock waiting their turn to launch!…. anybody need a clown?)


Here is a peek at my Christmas Tree!   I get to look at it for a good five weeks!!  I love how it glows!

You might ask,  “How is this art related? ”

It inspires me!

When I look at it I might imagine the beginning of a children’s book with each ornament telling a story!  I might dream up special gifts to give to friends and family.  I might just lay back and dream! There simply MUST be time set aside each day for dreaming!

… I also like it because it makes me smile.

Who ARE you?

I was looking through some old pictures when I found this one of me as a little kid. Who would have known I would become an artist one day? All of those specific giftings were built right into me. Had I known, I would have gone in that direction right away instead of trying to be someone else for some many years and failing at it.

The thing is, even failures point us in the direction of our dreams if we pay attention and we do not give up. EVER!

There is not a day that goes by that I am not dreaming of some new project or looking at a new color combination or layout. All the world is full of NEW each day if we will simply OPEN our eyes and our hearts and not be afraid of this adventure called LIFE!

Who are YOU? What is it that is built into YOU? There is something in each of us if we will listen and launch out!

Surprises are so fun!

Clothworks sent me this awesome quilt with Newton on it.   Newton is one of my cartoon characters.  It is very fun to see him translated to fabric, books, toys etc.  You can see more of my work on the Clothworks link.

Another Newton quilt, just as cute, came in the same package!  (Thank you friends at Clothworks!! ) I am now looking for someone to quilt these tops.  I have adopted a soldier and she is having a baby in December. I hope to get a quilt in her hands by then so she can wrap that baby boy up all comfy and cozy.

You can find the Newton books and toys at the Christian Art Gifts link.

God help Brandi’s chickens! Ha!

Come on Chickens! Pile in! (escaping the deep fat fryer!)

Karen, you can drive! Off to begin our new Bohemian lifestyle!!

There is that little part of me that is embracing this quote for 2010.

“RUN AWAY!!!! “

hahaha!…. thanks for all your comments to the previous post! Back to work with me now. I think I shall draw Hen Rietta and the Peeps mapping out their get away plan!