Summers Bounty


What a wonderful summer day! I spent the afternoon napping and reading a book. The clouds darkened the skies and a gentle rain ensued for the good part of about 6 minutes! I do love summer days and WEEKENDS!

Deadlines for art submissions have passed and there has come this summer season of looking for new ideas. Crunch time gives way to the relaxed season in which i can play with the wonders of my imagination.

How do I get ideas? I plow through magazines, books, stores, websites, looking for something to inspire. Color combinations, trends, shapes, textures charge me up! I am always careful NOT to steal ideas. But one idea may spawn a new one in my mind.

As far as writing ideas? They most often come to me on my walks. I have to be sure to bring paper and pen.

And so I thank you summer months! For your green leaves, spectacular flowers, fruits and veggies in the garden and warm moon lite nights. Summer bounty spills into my studio! I love it!

A Summer of Fun

I really do love summer.  What I love the most is being outside and doing those things that cannot be done in the cold of winter.  I may be take a long hike, ride my bicycle, sleep with the windows wide open, garden, having picnics, eat my morning breakfasts in the backyard, read a book in the shade of the tree, drive with the windows down…. the list goes on.  We simply must pack it all in before the snow flies!  Today I am sketching. No t.v. … no radio… just listening to the birds and the bees fly by.  I think I better get another glass of ice cold water and lemons!  I love you summer!!