I Done Did My Dummy


After months of working on my new book, I finally finished up my dummy and sent it off to my editor. I am pretty jazzed about it. It’s my baby. If you have ever had a baby, you are convinced that yours is the best looking baby around… while others are thinking… “What a funny looking kid”.  Haha!

I am hoping that others will love my baby too.  I made it for others to enjoy!  Parents reading to little ones, those are my target audience.  I can picture them reading this to their little one on a cold winters night before bedtime. I love the idea of wide-eyed little kids being swept into a story… walking into the very pages and settling in.  I hope my editor likes it!

(If you don’t know what a dummy is, it is a prototype or mock-up of a book).

Shivery Timbers

Shivery Timbers is a land where the Snofolk live!

It’s been a good day to work on my new book.  The manuscript is coming along but I wanted to get started on a couple of the illustrations for the  submission.  It has been great fun drawing and sketching the last few weeks, but oh what fun it is to get to the COLOR stage!  I love to see the pages come alive.

Shivery Timbers will feature my Snofolk along with some new woodland characters.  The book will be the inspiration for my next Clothworks fabric designs.

“The Snofolk in Shivery Timbers”

So visit me again and see how things are progressing.