Quilt A Fair

A Hankie A Day!

September brings cooler days…. but it also brings “Quilt A Fair” to the Boulder County Fairgrounds.  I love to attend each year.  I go every year for both inspiration for my job, and… for … HANKIES!!

I just love those brightly colored works of art.  They seem to tell me a story. No, not about the noses they have wiped! haha!  but about the designers who came up with the idea for each hankie.  I thought I would share with you my newest in my collection!

I have a funny story about one of my hankies.  I went on a walk one day and somehow my hankie fell out of my pocket.  I was so sad to lose one of my favorites.  Just a couple of days later I FOUND it on my walk!  Funny how a simple hankie can bring a smile.  I know… I’m weird that way.  haha!