Piano Lessons?

Today I was remembering  piano lessons. When I was a kid, I really wanted to play the flute but we did not own a flute…. only a piano.  Sooo…enter Claudine Renfro,  my piano teacher.  Needless to say, Claudine did not last long. ( I did like her stickers)

Then, enter Mrs. Dewitt. She scared me!  Each week she would make me play and I had to find ways of pretending that I had practiced for hours.

One method was the sway.  I would try to play the notes and sway from side to side with the tune.  I don’t think she minded too much but when she made me play a duet with my younger sister, I would always bump into her.  The best day at Mrs. Dewitts house was the day we had a tornado warning I got to leave early!

In the end, the lessons ended.  You know that you were not meant to do a thing when you are completely THRILLED beyond measure the day you don’t have to do it ever again in your whole life!!!