Ready to Go!

Pencil in hand, papers scattered across my old green kitchen table.  Poised and ready, I begin work on another book.  Perhaps I should say two books!  I have two in the wings.  The second Peepsqueak book and Shivery Timbers!  I can already hear the farm animals in the barn and the crazy Snofolk tumbling down the hills.  Blue Skye Studio, you ROCK!!

Enter Mr. Frog

Oh bright and sunny day!  A new character emerges out of the pond.  Mr. Frog in all his glory!  Soon a host of other frogs appear and the day is filled with croaking and catching flies.

Life in Blue Sky Studio is never boring.  It is a place where shadows disappear and light rushes in!  I love being an artist.    I am driven by a desire to create and make people happy with my art. If I have done that for one person in one day then I can go to bed smiling! Ribbit!!