The Singing Cousins

Aaahhhh childhood!  Tis a time of make believe, wonder and  fun!  My cousin just sent me this picture from many days gone by.  It made me laugh out loud!!!  It is with great thanks to my parents and grandparents that I was raised with music in the house.  My dad and uncle were barber shoppers but long before they started that up, we spend time together in the basement around the piano singing songs.  It was great fun! This shot was taken while visiting my cousin.  She is the little one on the left… sooo cute!  Every child should be given the opportunity to sing their head off!  It is good for the soul!!

Piano Lessons?

Today I was remembering  piano lessons. When I was a kid, I really wanted to play the flute but we did not own a flute…. only a piano.  Sooo…enter Claudine Renfro,  my piano teacher.  Needless to say, Claudine did not last long. ( I did like her stickers)

Then, enter Mrs. Dewitt. She scared me!  Each week she would make me play and I had to find ways of pretending that I had practiced for hours.

One method was the sway.  I would try to play the notes and sway from side to side with the tune.  I don’t think she minded too much but when she made me play a duet with my younger sister, I would always bump into her.  The best day at Mrs. Dewitts house was the day we had a tornado warning I got to leave early!

In the end, the lessons ended.  You know that you were not meant to do a thing when you are completely THRILLED beyond measure the day you don’t have to do it ever again in your whole life!!!