A Package At My Door.

OOOOHhhhhh!  I love the UPS man!  . . . that is . . . well . . . you know what I mean.  I don’t actually KNOW him but I love when he brings me packages!  I LOVE surprises!!! (My husband drove for UPS once and I do love HIM! :0))

Today UPS brought me a children’s book I ordered.  Oh it is so cute!  It made me so happy!!!  Some folks get happy with diamonds or vacations on cruise ships.  I would be happy with a drawing board in every room in my house and piles of children’s books and art supplies scattered about!  Ha!  … Here are a couple of images of my new book.  I wonder if I will ever meet Peter McCarty?  I think I will look for him on Facebook!

Hooray For The Mailman!

Who does not like to get packages in the mail?  The package I received last week was from Spoonflower!  My new fabric came!  It’s quite fun to see Newton made BIG!  I am going to make him into a little pillow to go with my Newton nap mat for little ones.

The “Fernie and Zippy” characters will also be stuffed. My friend Bonnie will quilt the Newton fabric into a “quillo” and I will have her make some pockets on the quillo (nap mat) so that Fernie and Zippy can be tucked in. I will post it when I get the idea figured out.  It is fun to see ideas come together!