Last Panel Finished!

Being an artist is surely not a job for the faint of heart. At least if you are trying to earn a living at it.  I am a student to many of my successful artist friends.  I have seen the common thread of those who are doing well, is this “KNOWING” that no matter what, you will continue to create. There is also the need for a “skin like a rhino” and the drive to keep getting out the pencil and keep sketching and creating, even when you hear words like, the economy is down, business is slow, yada yada yadaa bla!

Call me what you will, I was born to make art, draw cartoons and color pictures each day. It is what makes me get up in the morning and what I often think about when going to bed. I have even gotten ideas in the night when I am happily dreaming away!  Oh the paintings I have done in my sleep!

I finished this last panel for the Licensing show in Las Vegas yesterday. What a load lifted.   I thought I finished the art late Sunday night, but upon sleeping on it, I woke up knowing it needed more tweaking.  I LOVE how the bright turquoise came out.  Pro Copy really got this one right!

Off to work on a snow man story!