Good bye Summer Red Toes – Hello Sockies

Summer days bring flip-flops, sandals and bare feet.  What fun to get out the bright red nail polish too!    Color color color!

But, alas, as the summer days are waning, I am trading my colored toes for my warm fuzzy socks.  I can almost hear them in my drawer asking when they can come out to stay!

The wood stove is beckoning me too.  The nights are cool… our covers come up to our chins.

“Where are my scarves? Its cold outside!”

Oh the beauty and fun of Colorado!  Four definite seasons and I love them all.  …. BUT, my favorite is sock season!

But then you knew that didn’t you? I was thinking about starting a sock chain letter. …..

Ahhhhh! Fall is Approaching!

In just a few more days it will be officially Fall!  My absolute favorite time of year!  It feels like the HOT balloon of summer has been pricked and it is slowly releasing all the hot air, giving way to cool mornings and evenings. The studio is a bustle of activity.  New dreams and new hopes are coming alive.

You may say, all of that?… just because it is September 12th?  Aren’t you depressed because things are dying?  No!  Not at all.  Every season is glorious!  All have their pros and cons but for the most part, I love them all and I love being…. ALIVE!  haha!

The last few weeks have been busy with preparations for my SCBWI conference ( I am a speaker and I am so excited.  I love meeting more creative people and hearing about their dreams.  The air is charged whenever we meet.

After that it is back to my studio for more fun!  There is never a dull moment. Ideas are bouncing off the walls at times and knowing which one to work on is my biggest problem.

So, back to work with me! Happy Fall!

Today’s the DAY!

Today is the DAY!  It only comes ONCE a year!  It’s the DAY all the leaves fall off our catalpa tree! My husband and I joke around about it each year.  Last night we had our first good freeze and PRESTO!  The leaves are falling falling falling!

That’s all I have to say about it!  (except I LOVE this day for no good reason!)


I was going to finish cleaning my kitchen floor… but then I thought, why not add a blog update?  ha!

Today I went for a walk.  There is nothing like walking in leaves!  I love fall mornings.

As usual, even on my walks I am working.  All I could see were color palettes! I picked up leaf after leaf to add to my fall collection.