My Life Tapestry

“Peepsqueak and the Furry Friend” is well underway! I found out yesterday that the deadline for this 2nd book is November 15th!  

YIKES!  With the word DEADLINE,  I find myself wanting to go into hermit mode. Hermit mode is shutting myself up in the studio from early until late.  Life revolves around ART each day.  It is hectic and intense. Many times hermit mode chases all creativity right out of the studio!

NO!!  Not this time!  .

Life is not all about work.  It’s about many different activities and people working themselves into a beautiful tapestry called “Life“. I want My Life Tapestry to be colorful, fun and alive! I want to enjoy each part and every person!  I don’t want to look back on my life and remember faithless frustrating broken threads or the dark worrisome knotted areas with holes in themThis is not to say that life does not have it’s dark moments. I believe that even in hard times some of our richest and deepest colors in our life tapestry are made. Through faith, God himself weaves in the most amazing threads of all.  Many times we cannot even see it until the times are past and we stand back and look.

My new book has woven itself into My Life Tapestry today. The sketches are finished, correction notes are in front of me. The characters are coming alive. In the days to come there will be crisp fall morning walks woven in and grandsons in their halloween costumes. There will be music playing and doggies sitting at my feet.  My husband will be starting up the wood stove, there will be soups cooking on the stove, books to read before bed, a house to clean, a wedding to go to, friends to visit.

This book deadline will come and go.  Before I know it, the book will be on its way to the printer and I will tie off that final color on My Life Tapestry and get ready to start a new colorful thread.