Pajama Day!

jammieDayPajama Day!  I love the thought.  A day to stay inside, kick back, and coast. A day for breakfast in bed!  Toast, eggs, coffee with cream and strawberries on the side with a good book or magazine to follow!  Aaaahhhhh!!

As much as I love the idea, I rarely do it!  The last Pajama Day I had was when I had the flu three years ago! ha!  I suppose it is because I associate pajamas with the END of the day, with going to sleep. … and personally, I would rather be AWAKE!

Perhaps I will get in my pajamas just before dinner. Perhaps I will make eggs, toast, coffee with cream and strawberries on the side for dinner and cozy up with my good book for the evening.  Yes,  Pajama Night!!


Everyone needs a day to do as you please!  With all the many things that pull at us in our lives it is sometimes important to run away!  Even without leaving our homes!  Run away in a book you are reading, run away in a movie you are watching, run away in a journal you are writing, run away in your own backyard!

I seem to write a lot about things that inspire me or things I am thinking about.  It is because those are the things that keep me thinking about what art I am going to do next!  Fun fun fun!  I am running away today!!!!!!