For as long as I can remember, I have LOVED toys!  To have a toy made from one of my cartoons is my dream come true!  It will help the world see my character the way I see him.  REAL!!  ha ha!  This series of plush Peepsqueaks in the pictures above, were the first proto-types that came to my home. Merry Makers is the toy company we worked with.  It was so fun to see my little Peepsqueak transform from page to puff!  He is such a cute little plush!!  Merry Makers did such a good job!  You can buy Peepsqueak now if you go to their website. They welcome retail orders online at http://www.merrymakersinc.com and retail and/or wholesale orders at 888-989-0454 or via email at merrymakers@merrymakersinc.com.

Below is the final Peepsqueak. I just love him!  Isn’t he cute!!! I brought him to a preschool yesterday and the children loved him and all wanted to pet him…. so they did!!!!

So order your Peepsqueak now!  He is waiting to live in your home!!!  Don’t forget, the books, “Peepsqueak”,  and “Peepsqueak Wants A Friend” are at your bookstore waiting for you too.  They would all make great gifts for the kiddies on Easter.


WELCOME to the WORLD of BOOKS Peepsqueak!  Today is your day!  Today your book has been released for kids of all ages to see!

Harper Collins has been a wonderful partner in the production of Peepsqueak’s first book. I am including links to Peepsqueak’s page at Harper Collins in this blog post.  There are fun activities for the kids, and an awesome trailer!  I hope you all enjoy the new “Peepsqueak” book. I must say, he inspires me to always keep MOVING!!!



Whose At The Door?

Just a few minutes ago my little dog Violet started barking!  I opened the front door and found a brown box. The return address? NY, NY!

“It’s Peepsqueak!” I yelled!

I pulled at the sticky packing tape and ripped open the box! Oh my goodness!  Peepsqueak was all packaged up with his own tag. Next I had to cut him out of a plastic bag!  I will have to talk to Beth at Harper Collins about giving him breathing holes next time. He was no worse for wear and now is sitting  comfortably on a chair in my family room.

Merry Makers is the toy company that made Peepsqueak They have made other fun characters like Olivia, Splat the Cat, Lama Lama, Junie B. Jones and more.  Peepsqueak has not stopped talking about them since he came.

Merry Makers has decided to license Peepsqueak for all the world to buy! How exciting!   Keep an eye out for him come late January.http://www.merrymakersinc.com/index.html

Page by Page

Peepsqueak Rock On!

Progress on book 2

Peepsqueak’s second book is well on the way to meeting the deadline of November 15th. My next step in the process is the fun part!  Adding COLOR!

What you are looking at in the picture (above) are all my pages laid out. There are scans, sketches, finished ink drawings and notes from the editor for each page. Here is an example of an unfinished page. I started coloring the deer and the fox!  Stay posted!  I will show you the finished page later!

Bunny Bunny, Whose Got The Bunny?

A new bunny is visiting the studio.  Check out Cherry. She is trying out for a part in the Peepsqueak book.  Her personality is different from the other two bunnies that tried out.  I am hopeful she will be well received from the editing team.  The first bunny was a little whacked out.  The second bunny was nice, but this one has connected with me.  An artist can create characters all day long, but some are closer to the heart than others. They may remind us of people we know, or people we wish we knew!! At least that is how it is in my studio.

Chasing Ideas

In my quest for new ideas, I often begin at our local library.  In fact, I am discovering all the libraries that are located between my house and my dad’s house which is about an hour away.  Each library has different books!  What fun it is browsing through pages and pages of BOOKS!  Children’s books,  garden books, books about weaving, decorating, farm animals, famous painters, travel books and more!  Sometimes just having a stack of books near my chair inspires me! ha!  I LOVE BOOKS!!!