Alpha rhythms. . .

1098E689-BF1C-4D88-9FDA-FFC079B55502A few months ago I was listening to someone on the radio talking about alpha-rhythms. There was a study done suggesting that it was a state of mind you are in upon waking each morning. A very creative state. It was suggested that you go straight to work in your creative area during this time as opposed to checking emails, surfing the web or watching tv…which shuts it all down. I had to chuckle when I heard it. I was reminded of an invention I dreamt of right before waking. It’s seemed “oh so real” and possible that I grabbed a pen and paper on my night stand and began jotting down the idea and sketching the prototype. My husband came into the room…I told him my idea…as I spoke it became clear that it was a bit whacky. Hahaha! Still, it could also be possible? All this to say, keep your pencil and paper handy on your night stand! You never know what idea might be hatching during your alpha-rhythm state of mind!






What lurks in your drawers? What hides in your closets? What’s buried in boxes under your bed or in the crevices of your life?  It is different for everyone. When cleaning out my studio I found this quirky collection I began a few years back. I pulled the top off my coconut milk and slipped the plastic ring on my finger and thought…

“I could make fun rings out of these little things…maybe add some beads.. yeah…”

The next beginning was when I started making protein shakes about 3 years ago. I opened the canister to find a plastic scoop. I turned the scoop over in my hand.

“There must be a use for this scoop!”   The scoop collection grew.

Which brings me to today.  I have over 50 scoops and numerous rings… and it’s time to let them GO!

What’s in YOUR closet?



Jammie Pants And Magazines

I LOVE a good magazine. There is nothing quite like finishing a long day and curling up in your Jammies with a delightful new magazine hot off the rack. I am very picky as to what I buy.  Daphne’s is very fun. I was sucked into this issue by the colors as I leafed through it. Buying my magazines a process. I only look fast! If I don’t get a spark of interest in a few seconds, I pass. I savor my magazines for those moments in life when a bit of quiet and solitude is required. I wear jammies at home, warm sweaters in coffee shops on cold days. Summer days I go outside in my backyard to read. I love creating a dreamy atmosphere where I can get ideas and imagine. 

One of my other favorite magazines is Artful Blogging.

Another is Where Women Create and hand Where Women Create Business.

These magazine really inspire me. My mother used to share her magazines with me. I must of learned from her. She always had a stack of them for me. I still tear out ideas for color and design and tape them in my sketch books. 

What inspires you?

Snow Day

Everyone needs an occasional “Snow Day” in their life. Fortunately I was able to be home today. The flakes are huge and this time of year there is the threat of falling branches.

I’m spending the rest of the day by the fire with my drawings! Hubby is trying to get the big branch off his Workshop! It’s Springtime in Colorado!IMG_0253



Why I Love Peepsqueak

It’s fun to watch a child read a book. Their eyes are captivated with story and pictures. Their imaginations take off. Many times they ask you to read the book again and again. My book, Peepsqueak goes a step further. After reading it a couple of times, the child can read it to you. Boy oh boy, do they love that! They feel they can read all by themselves.

Here we have two Peepsqueak fans doing just that! Thanks to my friend Karen S. For sharing this picture. I love it!



A New Space


“Build it and they will come.”  It’s a famous line from the movie, “Field of Dreams”.

In my case, it’s a new area in my home where I can devote myself to writing my stories.  Until now, I have found myself scattered around in different places, trying to find the best atmosphere for my work.  My art studio, coffee shops, our little travel trailer, the library… but nothing seemed quite right.  I would find myself getting distracted.

One day I picked up a magazine called, Where Woman Create.  An artist told about her studio set ups, all THREE of them.  One studio is in her house, another is out in her backyard and a third is in her basement where she builds her frames for her paintings.  My mind went to a room in my house I affectionately call the YaYa room.  The closet is full of toys for our grandkids.  The sofa bed is ready for when they spend the night. BUT, mostly, the grandkids grab a toy and head for the family room. Basically, it is an unused space until now.

I went to Habitat for Humanity and purchased a door.  I set it on top of a file cabinet and another small table and painted it black. “Voila!”  a desk!  Oh… I did have to paint the walls too.  They were green, now gray!  I love the peaceful tone.  My sister gave me some lamps a couple of years ago.  I replaced the shades with these white ones.  The whole setting is magical.

I worked all day on a new story.  What fun!  A new place and a new grace.  Keep on creating!

Leslie Ann Clark

I Done Did My Dummy


After months of working on my new book, I finally finished up my dummy and sent it off to my editor. I am pretty jazzed about it. It’s my baby. If you have ever had a baby, you are convinced that yours is the best looking baby around… while others are thinking… “What a funny looking kid”.  Haha!

I am hoping that others will love my baby too.  I made it for others to enjoy!  Parents reading to little ones, those are my target audience.  I can picture them reading this to their little one on a cold winters night before bedtime. I love the idea of wide-eyed little kids being swept into a story… walking into the very pages and settling in.  I hope my editor likes it!

(If you don’t know what a dummy is, it is a prototype or mock-up of a book).