Coffee Shop Visit


I found another lost post this morning. Since I’m too tired to walk, I will just pretend that this was today!!

This morning I went for a nice walk. I almost always end up in a coffee shop sometime during my walks. Coffee shops draw me in. They are full of people and people are interesting! Everyone of them has a story. While sitting in Ziggies this morning I see mostly men. Sitting across from me is a man with shining white hair. He is bent over the newspaper and chasing down his seeded bagel with warm coffee. His newspaper is spread out before him. I wonder what he did for a living when he was working. Is he married? Is he widowed? What did he look like when he was a little boy? Where did he live? What is his story?

The man in front of me is graying, but not retired. He has his work papers spread out before him and he looks entirely too serious for this time of the morning. He has a real coffee cup, not a paper one. He has on a nice dress shirt, Dockers, matching socks and black dress shoes. He could be a lawyer or even a teacher. I try to guess.

As I sip my coffee I watch the two girls behind the counter making a tall whip creamy chocolate drink for a young girl who looks to be a track star. Miss track star leaves and more customers pour in. None of them stay, all leave for work or play.

There is one more man sitting on the couch. His white curly beard is out of control. He has a vacant stare as he drinks his coffee slowly. I wonder about him. Has he anyone to love him? Another man sits down on the couch across from him and Mr. Vacant begins talking about the fire that has been on the news and then he chats about the hot summer forecast in the newspaper. The other man barely listens to him. Mr. Vacant goes back to his vacant stare. I feel sorry for him. Does he have family? Does anyone care about him?

And so that is my coffee shop morning. I am off to finish my day. It will be full with drawing chickens and preparing for my visit to NY. Still, I will remember my morning walk and those people who crossed my path.

Another Big Give-Away!

Once again, it is time for the 2nd Big Peepsqueak Give-A-Way!   

Will you be the winner?


Will you get a box in the mail full of Peep goodies?

This time around, the prize is for both of my books, “Peepsqueak”, and “Peepsqueak Wants A Friend,”  AND a Peepsqueak plush toy!


Are you up for it?

Here are your 2 easy instructions:

1.   If you have not read Peepsqueak yet,  go to the story link below and listen to Brad Mendleson read it aloud.

2.  Go to the Amazon link below, and give me a review.  So I know you are entering the contest, start your review with the words, “I LOVE PEEPSQUEAK!”.  If you have read the second book, please feel free to review it too.  At the end of two weeks, I will take the names off the Amazon site and put them in a bowl and pick the winner!!!  You will be able to watch me draw your name!!  Here are the links! 

Peepsqueak story link:

Amazon review link:

Please SHARE this with others.  Peepsqueak is waiting for you!!

love, Leslie Ann and Peepsqueak!

Bear With Me

PSbearPeepsqueak LOVES BEARS!  …. and so do I!! I LOVE toys!  I love weird toys, stuff animals, special teddy bears, and more. Having three grandsons gives me a great excuse to buy MORE toys!  I took a trip to the thrift store just this week to look for action figures!  I ran them through the dishwasher and stowed in my big toy trunk.  Three more trucks are sitting near the book-case in the “YaYa” room.  Its great fun!  On Tuesday I played “Superhero”!  My youngest grandson loves the stuffies!  Including my own little Peeksqueak plush by Merry Makers.  If you want to order one, you can go to the website, or call them.

retail orders online at and retail and/or wholesale orders at 888-989-0454 or via email at

They are a great toy company.  I want ALL THEIR TOYS!  ha ha!

You can also find Peepsqueak on his Facebook page.  I am going to have another book Give-A-Way as soon as the new toy gets here!  Peepsqueak and I are so excited!  I may also put it on this Word Press site so stay posted!


Pajama Day!

jammieDayPajama Day!  I love the thought.  A day to stay inside, kick back, and coast. A day for breakfast in bed!  Toast, eggs, coffee with cream and strawberries on the side with a good book or magazine to follow!  Aaaahhhhh!!

As much as I love the idea, I rarely do it!  The last Pajama Day I had was when I had the flu three years ago! ha!  I suppose it is because I associate pajamas with the END of the day, with going to sleep. … and personally, I would rather be AWAKE!

Perhaps I will get in my pajamas just before dinner. Perhaps I will make eggs, toast, coffee with cream and strawberries on the side for dinner and cozy up with my good book for the evening.  Yes,  Pajama Night!!

Quilt A Fair

A Hankie A Day!

September brings cooler days…. but it also brings “Quilt A Fair” to the Boulder County Fairgrounds.  I love to attend each year.  I go every year for both inspiration for my job, and… for … HANKIES!!

I just love those brightly colored works of art.  They seem to tell me a story. No, not about the noses they have wiped! haha!  but about the designers who came up with the idea for each hankie.  I thought I would share with you my newest in my collection!

I have a funny story about one of my hankies.  I went on a walk one day and somehow my hankie fell out of my pocket.  I was so sad to lose one of my favorites.  Just a couple of days later I FOUND it on my walk!  Funny how a simple hankie can bring a smile.  I know… I’m weird that way.  haha!

Good bye Summer Red Toes – Hello Sockies

Summer days bring flip-flops, sandals and bare feet.  What fun to get out the bright red nail polish too!    Color color color!

But, alas, as the summer days are waning, I am trading my colored toes for my warm fuzzy socks.  I can almost hear them in my drawer asking when they can come out to stay!

The wood stove is beckoning me too.  The nights are cool… our covers come up to our chins.

“Where are my scarves? Its cold outside!”

Oh the beauty and fun of Colorado!  Four definite seasons and I love them all.  …. BUT, my favorite is sock season!

But then you knew that didn’t you? I was thinking about starting a sock chain letter. …..