About Leslie Ann Clark

My name is Leslie Ann Clark and welcome to my blog!

My job is Artist/llustrator/Designer.  I LOVE it!  Each day I create characters that bring a smile to my face. Colors WOW me and good ideas are like eating dessert all day! The hardest thing is knowing what to do first!

Some of my clients through the years have been Group Publishing, Ladybug Magazine, Paramount Cards, Design Design, Abby Press, Currant Co, Clothworks, Christian Art Gifts and la la la! .  I have worked on books, magazines, greeting cards, puzzles, fabric designs and more.

This blog may find me working on new projects,  reflecting on ideas, or dreaming big! Feel free to respond!  I love talking about ART and creativity and whatever!

Why the” Skye”?  Because it is a place in Scotland that I want to visit someday!  I go there often in my imagination! Scotland is part of my heritage too.  My home studio is called Blue Skye Studio.  It’s a place where “wonderful” things happen!

To contact me, email me at laclark53@gmail.com

15 thoughts on “About Leslie Ann Clark

  1. John Nichols says:

    Leslie- I did not get a chance to meet you today at the Berthoud Luncheon. As a former football coach, I am intrigued by “football girl.”


    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      Hello John! It’s nice to meet you! You can visit Football girl online if you are on Facebook. Do a search for “Our Football Girl” and you will find her. Football Girl adds another element to the games. She gets down on the field in the players and coaches faces. It’s pretty fun. My husband played football for CU and was also a football coach for a while when he was teaching. When our kids grew up I decided I should sit down and watch the games with him. Since I am an artist I began drawing cartoons of this new character who loved the Broncos! I posted pictures with my take on the game after many of the plays. It began getting quite popular and I even got to appear on 9 news the morning of the Super Bowl. Football Girl is gearing up for a new season!! Go on and find her!! She loves fans!

      Thanks for asking!



  2. Jenny says:

    Hi Leslie,
    My son Will and I just read Peepsqueak!. What a wonderful book. We both adored the cute pictures and loved his adventurous nature. We especially loved the end when he was wearing the floaty ring. Super cute! Will said the baby bunny is adorable. Congratulations on a beautiful, and entertaining book.
    From Jenny and Will (6yrs) in Queensland, Australia.


    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      Jenny, thank you for your kind words. I am so happy you and your son are enjoying my little Peepsqueak. If you are interested, there is also a Peepsqueak toy available at Merrymakers.com. It’s the coolest toy company. I say that because I have never grown up and I want all their toys! Haha!

      Thanks again! Come visit my blog anytime. I hope to have it changed up a bit in the next few weeks.

      Your friend,
      Leslie Annn


    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      First I draw all my art with a pencil line. Then I take tracing paper/vellum, and I draw over the pencil sketch with a micron pen. With the nice black line made I scan it into my computer. From that point I bring it into Photoshop where I clean up any lines I don’t like. Into Illustrator I go, I select the line art and perform a Make and Release process. This gives the line an even cleaner look. From there I save it and bring that art into Photoshop to color it and finish it. It sounds like a lot, but it goes pretty fast.


  3. Jen Graham says:

    Leslie, in trying to find a theme for my baby’s nursery I came across your Newton. I originally found some fabric that I just fell in love with. Unfortunately, I haven’t found much else around with the similar look (Newton and a frog with purple flowers). I did notice on your licensing site that there was wallpaper and such made at some time. If you know of anywhere any of this line is still available, I would greatly appreciate any assistance you would be willing to offer to my search.
    Your art is so fun and colorful and I would love to use it my nursery.
    Jen Graham
    Fairbanks, Alaska


  4. Janet Tillman Messerli says:

    I Les. I was trying to figure out how to check facebook. Esther signed me up and I never learn how to check for messages. I was trying to do that when I saw your name and ended up here. How wonderful to see your art is enjoyed in so many avenues…especially books. I am so happy for you.
    Do you still have the same home address?


  5. Sharyn Sowell says:

    Oh, a PS… I just saw Alicia’s your agent! She’s wonderful, isn’t she? I live just south of her, and am a good friend of Jane Shasky. In fact my Surtex booth will be right next to Jane’s. So now I REALLY hope there is a chance one day to say hello! Blessings, Sharyn


    • Leslie Clark says:

      yes! I LOVe my Alicia! She is wonderful. We are a good team I think. She is so helpful to me. And I love Jane too! So what do you have in your booth? I thought you worked at Clothworks. Am I confused?


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