Down times


I am always making a To Do List. It helps me stay on task since my freelance jobs can be so sporadic….with ups and downs. When I have down times I embrace them. Those are the times when I can kick back and freely create whatever delights my soul. My last discovery came during this free time. This wonderful character came into my mind. She was so vivid I began sketching her right away. Enter Bitty Bettie! I hope to finish her story in the next few weeks. …keeping it fun!


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2 thoughts on “Down times

    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      I would love that. Wish you were here. Tomorrow is my neighbors pottery sale. She is such a good friend. I hope she does well. I thank God for her and she is getting closer to the Lord too. We are warm here. Near 100 degrees. How about you? I was going to call you and I couldn’t find the phone number you send me. Ugh!


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