2018 Resolution? … To Make NO Resolutions!

Onward into the New Year we go. Some are deep into their goals for the year. Some have weight loss on their minds, others may have travel destinations…still others are entertaining new attitudes about life in general…be nicer to people, live life on purpose, etc..

I found that the New Year has me in slow motion. I have a few ideas, but my usual clamor for my “Word For The Year” or my Grand Goals is just not happening.

I am in waiting mode. For so many years I have hopped through hoops and done what I was told. I’ve tried to please so many people that I lost myself along the way.

Okay….so I do have a goal..my one goal right now is simple. Toss it!

I am scaling down in all areas. As a visual person I find that too much stuff shuts me down..I need quiet and serene and clean. There will be a mass clean up in my studio. There will be rooms painted and the beginning of all things new. I am completely relying on God to show me the way. I am working on listening for His voice and He is speaking.

I am changing things up. If a person wants change they have to be willing to do things differently. 2018 will be full of adventure. Right now I feel like Abraham, not knowing where I am going….but it turned out ok for him!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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2 thoughts on “2018 Resolution? … To Make NO Resolutions!

  1. Denise says:

    I love that you are following your intuition – waiting and creating clean, uncluttered spaces is wonderful and will enable you to fill your creativity when it’s time. I’m also organizing and purging my writer’s studio as well as setting goals for myself–I love setting goals, modifying them, and tracking my progress. I’ve learned to look for what I have done regardless of what’s on my goal list. Happy new year, dear friend!


    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      A belated Happy New Year to you too Denise! You are better than me. I get stuck on goals. I have things I would like to do, I do them, but as far as projecting out 5 years I have no idea! ha! I just submit my story to Sean McCarthy. I hope he likes it! 2017 did not turn out so good, BUT in other ways it turned out perfect! Sometimes when doors close its because you are on the wrong path. It frees you up for something brand new. I hope you have a brand spanking new year full of promise and dreams come true! -_Leslie ❤


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