Sometimes You Have To Iron



Life is full of mundane chores. There is no getting around it. Doing the bills, vacuuming, dusting, cooking dinner and ironing all fall into that category. Today I did all of those chores.. Oh wait, I put off the bills till tomorrow.

Why am I telling you this?  I suppose it’s because I think it’s important to be real. If all I ever posted was beautiful photos that made me look perfect …oh wait…I guess I haven’t done that. Heh heh… But here is my laundry that needs ironing. There! Feel better now?  Did I say that my washer broke two days ago? Feeling much better now? Oh, and it hailed all over my new plants.. I see you beaming. Ha!!

Yep, things happen, but we move on. Sometimes the moving on is the best part Of the day!



2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have To Iron

  1. denisevegabooks says:

    It’s always good to know we walk similar journeys sometimes. Speaking of mundane and just getting through, I listened to author Elizabeth Gilbert speak recently and she was talking about her writing and she said something like: “90% of writing is boring, not inspired.” And then she talked about how we write for that inspired experience :-). Thanks for sharing!


    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      Thanks for sharing! I can certainly relate! I have been learning soooo much in my critique group. I began a new story and it was terrible! I went to my critique group and all of them were saying the same thing without me telling them my feelings. I realized I was not alone. You keep on going and plow through the dry spells. All is well. :0)


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