Life for the artist is a continual collection of ideas.  Those ideas generate new work. It’s a fun process.

Ideas come from so many sources.  Books, movies, fabrics, nature, magazines, paintings, dreams and more. Sometimes they simply drop out of the sky into my thoughts.  I love good ideas.  They are scrumptious morsels to feast on.  I have some waiting for me now.



4 thoughts on “Ideas!

  1. Michelle McCann-McDaniel says:

    So true Leslie. With me as an Author, I will hear certain words which trigger ideas. Sometimes a word will just pop into my head. Last night I was looking at the sky with my husband and I said the sky looked “ominous”. I don’t know where it came from. I don’t usually use that particular word, but I’m working on a novel and it will fit nicely within the story.


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