Discovering Love in a Children’s Book


I am in love with my two new little characters, Burl the bear and Briley the beaver. I have two stories just about nailed down for submission.  Burl and Briley found their way into my heart as I began the journey of writing what came into thoughts.  Childhood is not that far away from me in my memories. All the delights, the fears, friends, fun, adventures and more surface when I write my stories.

We all have memories of childhood that linger, be they good or bad.  These stories can be shared with the little ones in the world.  Perhaps they will find joy?  Peace? Reassurance?  Perhaps just a giggle. That will make it all worth the effort!  Stay posted!  The illustrations are next!!

The image above is from a new line of fabric I am working on.  An Illustrators job covers a lot of categories.

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