The Other Side Of The Truth

imageIt was a rainy summer day. I was only a child. We were visiting my aunties in Washington. It was warm, so the rain did not bother me. I was too excited to try again at climbing the rope that was attached to the tall tree in my aunts backyard. Hand over hand…slipping back down again.

Suddenly the back door of the house opened and the dog came running and barking fiercely at me, teeth showing!

Without even thinking I shot up that rope out of reach of the wild monster dog.

There I was, up a tree!!!  I was no longer afraid because I conquered the ROPE and The Monster Dog!

Years later I asked my aunt about that dog! She had no recollection of him being mean and I even had the wrong name. What was true in my 5 year old memory was not true in her adult memory. Both were as real as could be.

I have discovered many memories like this in the last year since my father’s passing. My brother and sisters all have stories and some are not as I remember them. What one person loved, I found a different feeling arise. Two truths. Two sides…sometimes 3 or 4 sides to a story.

This is a lesson to learn and to watch for. Hard feelings towards someone who has hurt me or someone else, causes me to look for the other side of the truth. Everyone has a different perception of truth. As 2015 approaches I hope to remember this in all my relationships. I have learned that LOVE can cover it all. Love can break through and bring truths together… Understanding can flow. Peace can be restored. Oh may take time and patience, but it is better than unforgiveness and bitterness. It’s freedom!

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