Sketching Out Your Life


With my work, everything begins with a sketch. Characters come alive. Their personalities appear with each line. Their story develops with the addition of each line.  Sometimes lines must be erased before I move on. It’s a wonderful thing to sit with pencil in hand and play with ideas. All things are possible!

But, what if real life was the same? With the stroke of a pencil we plan our future? Our personalities change? Our destination is discovered? What if with the eraser we could re-chart our course or re-do something in our past?

Actually, I truly believe this is possible!  Take a pencil and make a list of what you would like to do. Be specific. Is it a trip somewhere you have never been to?  Is it to become someone you are not?  …YET?  Is it to meet someone? Is it to accomplish something?  Allow yourself to dream a little. Imagine that whatever you write out or draw, really could come true! It will free you up.  It might unlock a place you are stuck in!

Writing it down on paper is only the beginning.  On paper you can try it out.  You can sketch it all out. You can erase and start all over. If it is to change, do a character sketch of just who you want to be.  A person who does not smoke? A person who loves others, someone who is NOT shy?  Try on all the possibilities. See yourself fly!

You may not be able to draw, but you can dream!  Write it down with your trusty little pencil!  Get yourself a brand spankin’ new sketchbook and give it a try! … and then let me know how it comes out!!

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