Coffee Shop Visit


I found another lost post this morning. Since I’m too tired to walk, I will just pretend that this was today!!

This morning I went for a nice walk. I almost always end up in a coffee shop sometime during my walks. Coffee shops draw me in. They are full of people and people are interesting! Everyone of them has a story. While sitting in Ziggies this morning I see mostly men. Sitting across from me is a man with shining white hair. He is bent over the newspaper and chasing down his seeded bagel with warm coffee. His newspaper is spread out before him. I wonder what he did for a living when he was working. Is he married? Is he widowed? What did he look like when he was a little boy? Where did he live? What is his story?

The man in front of me is graying, but not retired. He has his work papers spread out before him and he looks entirely too serious for this time of the morning. He has a real coffee cup, not a paper one. He has on a nice dress shirt, Dockers, matching socks and black dress shoes. He could be a lawyer or even a teacher. I try to guess.

As I sip my coffee I watch the two girls behind the counter making a tall whip creamy chocolate drink for a young girl who looks to be a track star. Miss track star leaves and more customers pour in. None of them stay, all leave for work or play.

There is one more man sitting on the couch. His white curly beard is out of control. He has a vacant stare as he drinks his coffee slowly. I wonder about him. Has he anyone to love him? Another man sits down on the couch across from him and Mr. Vacant begins talking about the fire that has been on the news and then he chats about the hot summer forecast in the newspaper. The other man barely listens to him. Mr. Vacant goes back to his vacant stare. I feel sorry for him. Does he have family? Does anyone care about him?

And so that is my coffee shop morning. I am off to finish my day. It will be full with drawing chickens and preparing for my visit to NY. Still, I will remember my morning walk and those people who crossed my path.

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