All Aboard for 2013!

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 11.38.50 AMDecember and January… my favorite time of year!

How funny! I found this unpublished blog post while looking through my WordPress site. It was fun to read it now that we are midway till Christmas! I suppose it’s a bit of a mile marker for me to measure up what I’ve accomplished so far. It’s also fun to read where my head was at during that time of year .

*********************************tàke a peek* and Merry Christmas! HA!****************************

I love the holiday bustle, I love the atmosphere of giving. The giving of time tops it all. Why? because it is setting down your busy life to pour yourself into someone else. People are precious! From the tiniest soul to the well worn senior. That is why we cry when they die. Our hearts can be wrapped around complete strangers when we hear they have died. It is a fascinating thing to be human being.

When the holidays end, it is time to move into the new year. I imagine it this way. I am about to board a train that will take me through 2013. I have a destination in mind. I begin to pack what I need. I look back at my 2012 journey to determine how I will pack for this year and where I will be headed. I can only take what I need. Why lug about unnecessary items? Do I really need this and that? My gaze shoots around my house. I think.. “I have been taking this item on my trip for 30 years and I never use it! It’s time to get rid of it.”

What did you accomplish in the year 2012? Did you fulfill a dream? Did you start on a new dream? Did you fail miserably? ha! The answer, “yes” to the last question need not discourage you. Life is a journey. We often have our “falling on face” moments. They prepare us for success. They hone us. They often times show us what NOT to do. They may actually set our course to success if we do not give up.

*******************6more months to go! How are you doing in the advancement of your goals?*******

One thought on “All Aboard for 2013!

  1. karen says:

    I would have to make a list to answer accomplishments of 2012. But I did make some mental notes around the first of May when most of my art deadlines were finished. I like your train analogy, and I also love this Monet painting, one of my favorites!


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