Welcome Bailee Blue!


It was a very busy few weeks getting ready for the two trade shows. Licensing expo begins on Tuesday. Bailee Blue is going for the first time in my agents iPad. He is really excited to meet new people and hoping to find some interest. Me, I’m going to take just a few days to clean up the aftermath in my studio. I have not cleaned the studio in a while. There are many papers to toss. It will be good to lighten my load.

I’ve also been reading an ebook on creativity. It’s been inspiring. I love to be inspired! Summer is a good time to revamp life!!! All things new! I love that thought! What are YOU working on?

2 thoughts on “Welcome Bailee Blue!

  1. lisartist says:

    Hi Bailee!!!!! Adorable and I am hoping will be quite fetching on Alicia’s ipad. How I miss those shows. I am getting ready for a personal show of sorts, right here in our community where I am tthis year’s featured artist. Since it will be a booth of “hanging art” I have been painting watercolor portraits or pencil portraits to put on display. Just finsihing my goddaughter as a princess. will share on my website soon! and of course on facebook. LOVE you!


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