Spring! Cometh!




Winter is on the way OUT!  I say this as a huge storm is coming into Colorado right NOW!!  No, I did not go to the grocery store in freak out mode stocking my cupboards. Instead, I spent a bit of time today digging in my garden resisting the urge to acknowledge the storm at all!  ha!

Alas, tonight I will hunker down with my pens and paper and continue to work towards deadlines for up and coming trade shows. That is the good thing about storms!  They keep me focused.  I wonder how many artists are like me?

I have one problem.  I can’t seem to go out to my studio to work.  It’s covered with papers, receipts, file folders etc.  It is my new book-keeping system in progress. Eeeeek!  My friend is helping me set up my Quick Books program.  She entered all my checks, deposits etc, and sent me the disk. I bought the program, installed it, imported my files… … then I went to reconcile the two bank statements that my friend did not add and suddenly I am thirty dollars off!  What on earth?  What could I have done?

So, I did what I do best,  I locked the studio door and went in the house. ha!  My right brain is not in the mood for numbers!  Happy Spring everyone!


7 thoughts on “Spring! Cometh!

      • Patti Moore says:

        I live in North Carolina… We really love it here! 🙂 Spring is in full-swing right now… The cherry trees in front of our house are at their peak & they are especially lovely this year!


        • Leslie Ann Clark says:

          Patti, Oh how wonderful! My friend moved to Charlotte a few years ago. She loves it there too. I would love to visit that area. I am planning a trip of a lifetime. I hope I get to do it. It will be from N.Caroline up the coast to Maine and then Nova Scotia! Your description is wonderful. I am in Colorado and the wind and snow are blowing. I think it is winters last ditch effort. Spring is here. The snow will melt quicky and allow all my flowers to emerge at last! Enjoy! … and hey!, tag me a photo of your trees on FB.I would LOVE to see them!


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